Advance cracking course By Sajawal Hacker

1) RDP Cracking

  • 1) RDP into and how to get valid CC Free
  • 2) how to get free RDP
  • 3) How Developer get Free RDP
  • 4) How to crack RDP using Tools
  • 5) Crack RDP using angry IP scanner 100%
  • 6) Get free 6GB RDP, free hosting, free domain
  • 7) clear small dout of RDP
  • 8) Why RDP is important for cracking

2) How to make own combos using SQL dumper, tps dork generator, EZ dork searcher

  • 1) how to get free proxy and keywords
  • 2) how to generate dork and search dork
  • 3) How to import links on SQL Dumper
  • 4) How to Find Exploitable site and How to Find injectable site using SQL Dumper
  • 5) How to get own Combos and email list
  • 6) How to export combos and email list on Desktop

3) How to make combos using slayer leecher

  • How to Make HQ combos using slayer leecher

4) How to make own HQ Proxy

  • 1) How to check proxy
  • 2) How to make own proxy and check

5) Premium account cracking

  • 1) Minicraft cracking
  • 2) Nord VPN cracking
  • 3) Netflix account cracking

6) How to use open bullet

7) SMTP cracking

8) Facebook account cracking

9) MD5 Decrypter

Password: {[(P@k_<<Cyber&&@n0nym0us)]}


telegram: @sajawal_hacker
What's App: +923054481221

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