OS PRASHANT Android Hacking Full Advanced Professional Course
OS PRASHANT Android Hacking Full Advanced Professional Course
OS PRASHANT is a YouTuber who teaches Ethical Hacking, Tips & Tricks. This post will give you a review of his Ethical Hacking Course and Ofcourse a download link to his course which will be absolutely Free. He had made his Hacking Course using another person course videoes also as he had admitted with the heading of the folder. When he had launched his Ethical Hacking Course which is not at all Ethical he made the course publicly available, for free. So, I respect him a lot. If you are reading my blog post, I Salute with utter respect & Dignity.

Course Name ~ Android_Hacking_Full_Advanced_Professional_Course ( First_Time_On_Earth) By_OS- Prashant | Language_Hindi
Course Language ~ Hindi { हिंदी   }
Videos ~ 33
Videos Screen Resolution ~ 1920x1080 Full HD
All Videos Duration Time ~ 6.Hour 38.Minutes 22.Seconds
Operating System Used ~ Kali Linux, Windows 8.1, And Windows 10
Requirement ~ Basic Knowledge Of Kali Linux And Windows
Course Owner Name ~ Prashant Asoliya

1. Introduction ( Don't Skip This Video ).mp4

2. Apktool_Easy_Tool + Java_Setup.mp4

3. Information _About_Apk_Easy_Tool_Or_Android_Studio_emulator.mp4

4. Android_Architectures x86_x64 ( 32-Bit ~ 64-Bit ).mp4

5. Manually_Payload_Binding_With_Any_Apk_Part_1.mp4 ( Click Here To Download )

6. Manually_Payload_Binding_With_Any_Secure_Apk_Part_2.mp4

7. Bind_Payload_With_Any_Apk_Easy_Method.mp4

8. Fix_Apktool_Error_( Unable To Rebuild Apk With Apktool ).mp4

9. Make_Persistance_Payload_Run_Forever_in_Background.mp4

10. Bypass_Google_Play_Protect_Security_Make_Any_RAT_Payload_FUD.mp4

11. Make_Any_Apk_And_Payload_To_Administration_App.mp4

12. Auto_Allow_Any_Android_Application_Permission_Concept + Practical.mp4

13. Hack_Android_With_Rat ( Remote Administration Tool~Trojan ) Lock~Encrypt Victim Phone Data.mp4

14. Hack_Android_With_Rat ( Remote Administration Tool~Trojan ) Part_2.mp4

15. Android_Phone_Hacking_Tips_With_Rat ( Remote Administration Tool~Trojan ).mp4

16. Watch_Victim_Live_Activities_With_Front_Camera_And_Back_Camera.mp4

17. Free_Port_Forwarding_With_Windows_Method_1.mp4

18. Free_Port_Forwarding_With_Linux_Method_2.mp4

19. Free_Static_Port_Forwarding_With_Windows_Or_Linux_Method_3.mp4

20. Easy_Port_Forwarding_With_Windows_Or_Linux_Method_4.mp4

21. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_Windows_Part_1.mp4

22. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_With_Windows_Part_2.mp4

23. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_With_Linux_Part_3.mp4

24. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_With_Linux_Part_4.mp4

25. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_With_Linux_Part_5.mp4

26. Create_FUD ( Fully Undetected  Payload ) Bypass_All_Antivirus .mp4

27. Setup_FUD_RAT + Hack_Android.mp4

28. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_With_FUD_RAT_Windows_Part_1.mp4

29. Hack Android_Phone_Local_Network_Outside_With_FUD_RAT_Windows_Part_2.mp4

30. Deeply_Exploit_Android ( Dump Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, Sdcard Data, And Many More ).mp4

31. Android_Fud_Tools_Concept + Full_Practical.mp4

32. Best Spy App ( View WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Massages, Live Location, Key Logger, And Many More ).mp4

33. Thanks_A_Lot.mp4

Password: os-prashant{{{{####}}}}

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