Bug Bounty Android Course Free Download

Earn by hacking legally

What you'll learn:

  • Hack android application
  • Participate in bug bounty programs for hackers
  • Earn by hacking legally
  • Do bug bounty for android platform

  • Basic computer and Internet browsing knowledge
  • One should have a laptop powered with MAC or Linux OS or Windows OS


In this course you will figure out how to hack all sort of android application, you won't simply learn 

hacking them, you will even figure out how to gain from hacking them and its everything 100% legitimate, Procuring by hacking lawfully is 

known as bug abundance program, 250+ organizations have bug abundance program, Facebook paid 5 million to programmers, 

Google paid over $6 million and numerous others do compensation. One procures millions to 100,000$/month, so fundamentally bug abundance program is the place programmers get paid for hacking and unveiling bugs to the parent organization, if you need to acquire by hacking implies this course is for you, this course will support you 

to begin in the bug abundance program. 

what all teacher have shrouded in this course: 

Top 10 Security issues, a wide range of helplessness, Reports on various vulnerabilities, 

Introducing Terminal, Application security, Unfasten, Heaps of programming in Kali Linux operating system and a wide range of practicals like Android application Teardown, Application marking, Android startup Procedure, 

so's all in this course this much is sufficient to figure out how regardless bug abundance 

if you need to be one among those moral programmers, at that point enlist into my course "Bug Abundance: Android hacking" presently!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in hacking
  • Who want to pursue ethical hacking as a carrier
  • Who want to earn by hacking legally
  • Bug bounty hunters interested in android platform

Google's Android bug bounty compensation has been upped to $1.5 million.

Angela Lang/CNET

Google has announced an Android bug bounty reward of $1.5 million if you manage to hack its Titan M chip upon Pixel devices and in addition to locate exploits in the developer preview versions of Android. Until now, the highest payout upon Google's Bug Bounty Program was just more than $200,000, Google said in the previously announced the auxiliary compensation upon Thursday.

Google's quantity payouts on the intensity of the last 12 months have been behind mention to $1.5 million, gone an average compensation of $3,800 per finding. In 2019, the highest recompense was $161,337. Google has been paying out some people who report security holes in the Chrome browser back 2010,  upping its Chrome bug bounty to $30,000 in July this year.

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The supplement in the compensation follows private companies increasing payouts for Android bugs to $2.5 million, as reported by CNET sister site ZDNet. This marked the first time's iOS exploits were worth less than Android bugs upon the private make known.

"By upping the incentive to hackers, Google is making bug hunting for them more cute, especially to those that might teeter the lineage along furthermore whitehat and blackhat," he accessory in an emailed declaration.

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